Plan Commission/Building Inspector

Spencer County Plan Commission - Courthouse

200 Main Street, RM 3- 1st floor

Rockport, IN 47635

Phone: (812) 649-6010
Fax: (812) 649-6481


Monday through Friday

8:00am to 4:00pm with an hour for lunch.

Please call the office to be sure the Administrator will be in. This is a one person office and there will be times I will be out of the office. Please call before coming in (812) 649-6010


Kay Erwin – Administrator

Don Winkler – Building Inspector

If you need the building inspector call him directly at (812)305-0806.

Legal Council

Attorney John Wetherill

Plan Commission Members:

Jim Seiler

Nicholas Held

Phil Leibering

David Faulkenberg

Frank Ingram

Aaron Benton

Debbie Kroeger

Robert Reinke

Board Of Zoning Appeals

Gary Adams

Neil Collignon

Nathan Helms

Charles Waninger