Spencer County Treasurer

Susan Harris-Treasurer

Deputy Treasurer's
Jennifer Newton
Linda Sturgeon

200 Main St Room 7 (Second Floor)
Rockport, IN 47635

Phone: 812-649-4556
Fax: 812-649-6009
E-mail: treasurer@spencercounty.in.gov

Toll Free 800-975-8813

Susan Harris

The Office of the County Treasurer is a constitutional office. The constitution of Indiana statutory law provides the election of a treasurer in each county of the state of Indiana to collect taxes, and to be custodian for all money belonging to the county.

The Treasurer being the custodian of all county monies also investments same. It is the policy of the Spencer County Treasurer to invest the public funds in a manner, which will provide the highest investment return with the maximum security while meeting the daily cash flow demands on the various funds and conforming to all statutes and other laws governing the investment of public funds at the County level.

After assessments are provided to the County Auditor from the assessing officials, the Auditor takes those assessed values along with the tax rates that have been set by the County Council and figures the taxes for all real and personal property. The Treasurer then is responsible for the mailing of tax statements for collection and distribution of all taxes generated within Spencer County taxing units.

The taxing units are the State of Indiana, Spencer County. All townships, School Corporations
Within the county Libraries, City of Rockport and all other small towns in the county.

Services & Duties

  • Property Tax
  • Mobile Home Permits
  • Tax Sale Information
  • Inheritance Taxes
  • Posting Collections on Computer and ledgers.
  • Monthly balances with various banks and Auditors office.


4 years elected two-term limit within 12 years.

Chief Function of the County Treasurer

To collect and retain custody of and dispense county funds.

Most noted for mailing property tax statements and collection of property tax.

Furnishes clearances for

  • Alcoholic Beverage licenses
  • Mobile home moving or transfers of
  • Responsible for the collection of
    delinquent taxes
  • Responsible for keeping a record of
    current property owners addresses
  • Responsible for investments of any idle funds