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The Spencer County Jail is located in the Spencer County Law Enforcement Center at 120 North 2nd Street in downtown Rockport. The Corrections staff includes Jail Commander Virgil "Fella" Jones, Chief Jailer Tim Heady, and 13 Correctional officers.

Inmate Visitation:

Inmates are allowed 1-hour visitation per week. Visitation is on Saturdays & Sundays. The times vary depending on what cellblock and cell the inmate is assigned to. Visitors must sign in before visitation & sign back out when done. Only 2 people are allowed in visitation at a time. Must be 18 yrs or older unless accompanied be an adult.


Commissary is disbursed once a week. There are personal care and correspondence items as well as an assortment of snack foods such as chips, cookies, candy bars, soups, oatmeal, coffee & kool-aid.

Inmate Accounts:

In order to purchase commissary items, an inmate must have money on an account sheet. There are 2 different ways that money can be deposited into an inmates’ account:

  1. Any money that the inmate has on him/her at the time of arrest will be placed on the account.

  2. US Postal Money Order made out to the inamte, can be received thru the mail. Inmates name must be on Money Order & envelope with a return name & address.

All money deposited must be a money order. No personal checks accepted.

Phone Calls:

Once an inmate is booked in to the Spencer County Jail they are allowed 1 phone call in the booking office unless otherwise necessary. All other phone calls will be made from the cell areas. The calls from the cell areas will be charged to the person being called. (For more information on these phones call 1-877-570-4268, Combined Public Communications.)


The Spencer County Jail provides 3 programs for inmates. We offer the General Educational Development (G.E.D.) course which allows any inmate the opportunity to obtain their High School diploma. We also offer the Substance Abuse program. Marva Statler of the Lifetime Education Center in Rockport who is certified by the State of Indiana directs both of these programs. We also have a mentoring program led by Lay Ministers Ron Conner and Whitney Ward.

State Prisoner Out/Release Dates:

The release date for State Inmates is calculated by the Indiana Department of Corrections, not by the Jail Staff. If you need this information, go to www.indianadepartmentofcorrections.com or call (317) 232-5715.