Handgun Permits

County residents wanting an Indiana handgun license make application online through the Indiana State Police at link below. Once application complete you have 2 options for fingerprinting. L1 fingerprinting (electronic) or ink fingerprinting.

If you choose to do L1 fingerprinting it will need to be scheduled by calling 1-877-472-6917. Once fingerprinting complete you must complete the application process by visiting the Spencer County Sheriff's Office to get Sheriff's approval and pay the local fee.

If you choose to do ink fingerprinting you will need to visit the Spencer County Sheriff's Office to complete fingerprinting, get Sheriff's approval and pay local fee. You will then have to mail you fingerprints to the State with money order for their fee.

There are two types of permits:
Personal Protection Permit, also known as the unlimited permit- A Personal Protection Permit provides that the holder may carry the handgun anytime, anywhere in the State of Indiana (unless restricted by proprietary rules) in plain sight or concealed.

The Hunting and Target Permit, covers carrying the handgun to and from hunting/target practice. The gun must be unloaded and in plain sight during transport.