Lead Screening

Keeping Children Lead-Safe in Spencer County

Did you know that childhood lead poisoning is the most common environmental disease of young children and is TOTALLY PREVENTABLE?

What can YOU do?

You can make sure your child is tested for lead and your child's environment is lead safe. Ask your pediatrician to have your child tested or call the Spencer County Health Department to schedule a free blood lead test.

Make your child's environment lead-safe:

  • Good housekeeping can go a long way in the prevention of childhood lead poisoning.

    Keeping surfaces in the child's environment free of lead dust will reduce the child's exposure to lead.
  • Good hand washing practices can also keep lead out of a child's system.
  • Using "wet" techniques for the removal of lead paint during a home renovation project will minimize the creation of lead dust.
  • Good nutrition will minimize the body’s uptake of lead.

Schedule an Appointment

Lead screening available free of charge. Routine screenings should begin at 1 year of age. To schedule an appointment and for more information, call 812-649-4441.