Haz-Mat Response Unit

Report a Spill

To report a Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Spill, contact Spencer County Dispatch by calling 911 or 812-649-2286.

Standard Operating Guidelines

Initial Dispatch

  • When dispatched on a known Haz-Mat incident ask that Spencer County EMA and EMS be included on the response. When arriving and discover a Haz-Mat incident, ask for EMA and EMS response and include what materials that you have encountered with your request.
  • Arriving at the scene: Once it is determined that we are working a Haz-Mat incident, you must establish an incident management system (with safety officer) and command post. Remember that the first actions in the first few minutes dictate the out-come of the incident.
  • Identify the product (s) that are involved and using the (Orange) 2000 Emergency Response Guide Book, evaluate what must be done to keep everyone safe
  • Try to locate the driver and shipping papers if it is safe to do so. If the driver is contaminated he must not be removed from the hot zone until he is deconned. If need be, expand the hot zone so the driver or effected persons can be safe from an unstable spill situation. Do not allow contaminated persons to wander about the scene..

Establishing Command

Once you have established command, announce the location of the Command Post and Staging Area. The fire department is not to attempt to stop any flow until a plan is established. We must be safe. Keep all others away from the hot zone.

If the spiller is able, keep that person at the Command Post. Get immediate accountability of everyone. When EMA arrives turn the Haz-Mat sector over to them. The fire department still has Incident Command, but EMA will have the sector. Work together to provide a safe site.

Site Specific

There may be many operations on-going, depending on the material. Generally, there will be a Hot Zone in which the material is being mitigated, a Warm Zone for decon and the Cold Zone will be all excluded areas. Remember to have resources in staging with a Staging Officer. The EMA will have the best handle on this.

Terminating the Incident

When everyone involved is satisfied that the area is safe the incident can be terminated. Make sure that a work sheet has been kept. Record any critical decisions and who made them. This type of incident can come back to haunt you. Make sure that all persons are accounted for and their physical condition is satisfactory before closing.