Building Permits

PLEASE NOTE: This information is very general. There may be additional restrictions and/or requirements that you will need to follow depending on your location and use. Please call me at (812)649-6010 or email me at for more specific information.

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When to Apply for a Building Permit
You should obtain a Building Permit before:

-Beginning any new construction of a building or structure the cost of which exceeds $2,000; or

-Beginning any alteration, remodeling or repair of any building or structure the cost of which exceeds $5,000.00; or

-Beginning the installation of an inground swimming pool; or

-Beginning any electrical, plumbing or mechanical construction the cost of which exceeds $750.00; or when the electrical & gas service is upgraded in capacity; or permanent or electrical and gas meter is installed requiring the service of Utility Co.; or before electric service can be reconnected following a fire at the premises.

-Beginning installation of any heating, ventilating or air conditioning system in a building or structure.

-Beginning installation or modifications to any underground storage tank.

Information Needed to Apply for a Building Permit

To apply for a building permit you will need the following items:

-A copy of the building plans,

-Contractor’s name and phone number,

-Septic permit or sewer receipt, if required,

-Recorded deed to the property you are building on,

-Site plan of property,

-Estimated completion date,


-Estimated cost/value.

*If you are not the owner of the property, you will also need a notarized statement from the owner giving you permission to build on the property.

*If the property is in the Floodplain, you will need an elevation certificate showing the new structure will be at least 2' above the Base Flood Elevation.

*If there will be employees or the public in the building, you will need a Construction Design Release from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Building permits may not be available the same day application is applied for.

Once you have received your permit, you must post it in an obvious location.

Construction must start within 90 days of the permit being issued. The permit does not expire as long as you are making reasonable progress on the building, and you are building the same structure you were permitted for. Too much of a delay in beginning construction, or substantial changes in the building or site plans may result in you being required to obtain a new building permit.

Required Setbacks

Required setbacks from state or county right-of-way lines:

Secondary Road (County Road)……………60'

Primary Road (Blacktop, Highway)…………70'

Arterial Highway……………………75'


Accessory Buildings must be at least 5' from the back property line, and 10' from the side property line.


If you are constructing a new driveway off a state highway, you must contact the State Highway Department in Tell City (812) 836-2111.

If constructing a new driveway off a county road, you must contact the County Garage (812) 362-8331.

Show the location of the driveway, and give the highway, county road number, or street name along with directions on your site plan.

Improvement Location Permit Fees

An Improvement Location Permit fee will be charged in addition to the Building Permit fees.

Building Permit Fees

An Improvement Location Permit fee (listed above) will be charged in addition to the Building Permit fee.

The permit fees will be figured when all information has been turned in to the Plan Commission.

Residential Swimming Pool

Permanent and Non-portable - $60.00

Electrical Hook up on Liquid Storage Tanks - $60.00

Additions, Alterations, Remodelings or Repairs (all occupancies)

Relocation, Addition or Modification of Gas or Electric Service

$35.00 each No Improvement Location Permit needed