Contingent Use Permit

When to Apply for a Contingent Use Permit

The following uses require a Contingent Use Permit:

-Airport or similarly designed area for the landing and taking off of aircraft


-Government installation not otherwise permitted

-A hospital, nursing home, sanitarium or asylum which does not treat mental, drug, or alcoholic patients

-Medical health center or clinic

-Public utility facilities

-Educational institution, including churches


-Transient amusement enterprise

-Private school

-Golf course

The filing fee for a Contingent Use Permit is $100.00 and you will be required to appear at a public hearing in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is just a very brief summary of the Contingent Use section of the Zoning Ordinance. There may be additional restrictions and/or requirements that you will need to follow depending on your location and use. Please call me at (812)649-6010 or email me at for more specific information.