Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. When are property tax bills mailed:

A. They are usually mailed in April for a May 10 deadline but they have to be mailed 15 days prior to the deadline.

Q. When are property taxes due?

A. Normally May 10 Spring and Nov 10 for fall. Contact the office for dates.

Q. How do I Know if my mortgage co paid my taxes?

A. Contact the Treasurer Office or your Mortgage Co to find out before the due date.

Q. My property sold at tax sale how do I get it back?

A. Call the Treasurers or the Auditor for a redemption amount.

Q. Can I make partial payments towards my property tax bill?

A. Yes we accept partial payments all year before they are due and after the deadline. However, we cannot remove the penalties.